For information regarding tickets, please view our Ticket Purchase Policy.

Where can I buy my ticket from?

Advance tickets are available at the Canopy Bar, Manolo’s Pizza & Empanadas, Exile on Main Street, via phone at 1-800-514-ETIX, or online at www.canopyclub.com.

I’m having problems with my ticket! What do I do?

If you bought the ticket online, please call 1-800-514-ETIX or visit https://support.etix.com/

What is will call?

If your tickets are at will call, you’ll go through the front doors at the Canopy Club and show your ID to the person at the desk. They’ll be able to get your ticket for you!

Can I show you my ticket on my mobile phone?

Yes! As long as the barcode is visible, we’ll be able to scan it and we encourage it!  Just turn your screen brightness all the way up.

Do I need an ID?

Yes, you must have a valid photo ID to enter the Canopy Club. This includes a license, state ID, passport, or Military ID.  This is a state law.

How old do I have to be to get into the club?

You must be 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink.  The club has a standard $3 surcharge for all patrons under the age of 21.

Is “flow” allowed at The Canopy Club?

Items such as hoops, staffs, poi, juggling balls, fans, whips or other flow props are allowed, but may be restricted based on capacity and/or the event.

Which items are prohibited at The Canopy Club?

Weapons of any kind of weapons (guns, knives, sprays, tasers, clubs, etc.), illegal substances, backpacks and any bags larger than 8″x8″ (clear bags only), animals, outside food or beverage, camelbaks, flasks or other liquid containers, coolers, chairs, umbrellas, professional audio/video equipment, selfie sticks, laser pointers, glowsticks, balloons, beach balls, frisbees, airhorns, megaphones or other noisemakers, large signs, banners or rage sticks larger than 12″x12″, skateboards, skates, scooters of any kind, confetti cannons, fireworks or other incendiary devices. Management reserves the right to make final determination on any items listed or otherwise. Possession of proibited items within the club can be grounds for removal from the venue.

What accessibility accommodations are there?

We do our best to accommodate people with all sorts of disabilities. Our main floor has wheelchair access to all public areas. If there is a specific question or request, we are happy to help or address your individual concerns and accommodate to the best of our ability. Service animals are permitted in accordance with local guidelines.

Your website says tickets aren’t available online, will I be able to buy them at the door?

Yes. For some shows, we do not sell tickets before the event. You’ll just pay when you arrive at the club.

Your website says tickets are sold out! Can I still buy tickets at the door?

No, unfortunately if our show is sold out we won’t be selling any more tickets at the door.

Your show was sold out, but I found someone who said they would sell me one. Is it safe?

The only way we can 100% guarantee that your ticket will grant you entry into the club is if you bought it from our website or from one of our physical locations. Tickets obtained from unauthorized sources may be lost, stolen or counterfeit, and if so are void.

I can’t go to the show anymore. Can I have my money back?

Tickets are not subject to any refund (unless the show is canceled, as outlined in our (Ticket Purchase Policy) and bear no cash value.

I lost my ticket! Can you give me another?

Tickets cannot be replaced if lost, destroyed or stolen. If you purchase a physical ticket, be sure to keep it in a safe spot until you arrive at the club.  If you have a digital ticket, please contact 1-800-514-ETIX for further help or visit https://support.etix.com/.

Do you have a lost & found?

Yes, you can ask our Red Room bar staff to check the lost & found for your missing item. You can also email lostandfound@canopyclub.com.

FREE PARKING can be found across the street in the Krannert Center parking garage just north of the club after 5pm. 

RENT THE CLUB: canopyclub.com/renting-the-club/
VIP & BOTTLE SERVICE: canopyclub.com/vipbottleservice/ 
BOOKING: canopyclub.com/booking-band/ 
AMBASSADOR PROGRAM: canopyclub.com/ambassador/ 
OPEN MIC WEDNESDAYS: canopyclub.com/open-mic-weds/
LATIN NIGHT: canopyclub.com/latin-night/

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