The Canopy Club prides itself on being able to host bands, artists and entertainment of all styles and walks of life. The only method of band submissions is via electronic press kit or web site where we can check out your band’s sound and see what you are all about (Facebook, ReverbNation and PureVolume are easiest). Please send your band’s info to:

A note to touring bands: Please understand that the Canopy Club’s primary business is as a concert venue. The Canopy Club loves to develop acts, both regionally and nationally. That being said, try to understand that we will do our very best to accommodate your band but we have very few slots for bands who are still developing.

A note to local bands: The Canopy Club loves to develop local bands and have done so on numerous occasions. If you are a local band (meaning, from Champaign County), we will try our best to find a slot for you. If we say no the first time, don’t be discouraged. A little practice and promotion will go far.

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