Canopy Club Presents...

Virtual Open Mic

via Zoom!

Monday, April 12
Show | 7:30pm

Join the Champaign-Urbana Open Mic Nights crew, including Anika Emily, Moe Pesci da Goodfella, Jake Fava Music, Lola Honey, and more for weekly COVID-19 induced Zoom open mics. Until we can all be back at The Canopy Club, this is the best we’ve got. With hosts Anika Emily and Jake Fava.

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Performers can join via Zoom. Spectators can, assuming bandwidth doesn’t get wonky, but also we’ll be streaming through the Canopy and Open Mic pages.

The rules are pretty simple:
–no rapping/singing over prerecorded vocals
—-really, unless it’s your own identity, you shouldn’t be messing with slurs
–be respectful of the other performers
–enable “original sound” in Zoom
^^^^^^^^ if you don’t know how, follow this link: