$2 Wells / $2 Tall Boys

Monday, January 30, 2023
Doors: 8pm | Show: 8:30pm
with CU Comedy

🤣 Open Mic Comedy at The Canopy Club

🎙️ $2 Wells / $2 Tall Boys
🎙️ Every Monday / 18+  

🤣 Taking place inside the Red Room, aspiring performers test out new jokes for your judgmental ears to cheer or boo (Please don’t actually boo, that’s mean.  Sitting silently in disapproval is loud enough.)

🤣 Laugh your A$$ off every Monday night at Canopy Club with the best local stand up comedy during our FREE Comedy nights! Grab your friends and come out to celebrate that you make it through to another Monday. We’ve got the laughs, we’ve got the drinks, we just need you!

🤣 Ready to take the stage? Email jesse@cucomedy.com to sign up today!

FREE PARKING can be found across the street in the Krannert Center parking garage just north of the club after 5pm. 

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