Jay Goldberg Arts & Entertainment Presents:

Lines Øf Loyalty

w/ Divide The Empire

Saturday, July 16, 2022
ADV $15 / DOS $20

No matter where you go, loyalty means the same thing. It represents a promise to uphold a code of honor. You remain true to yourself, your friends, and your family. Lines Of Loyalty maintain this level of commitment to both their craft and their mission.

The Kenosha, WI trio—Nubz Morrison [vocals, guitar], Redo Ianni [bass, vocals, keys], and Shane Madsen [drums, percussion]—deliver melodically magnetic rock anthems with unapologetic dedication and diligence.

Check out their brand new music video for “Winless War” by clicking below


*FREE PARKING can be found across the street in the Krannert Center parking garage just north of the club after 5pm.