The Canopy Club Presents:

Latin Night

w/ DJ Zay, DJ Eazy

Saturday, November 11, 2023
Show: 10pm
$10-15 ADV / $20 DOS
hosted by MC LonDaDon

Latin Night w/ DJ Zay, DJ Eazy
Saturday, Novemeber 11th, 2023
at The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL.

10pm doors / 10pm show

Every month the biggest Latin Party in CU can be found underneath the Canopy with DJ Zay. 

Our next scheduled Latin Night is Friday, October 7th!

From DJ Zay: For everyone to know me a bit better, I was born in Chicago Illinois. I lived in a neighborhood called Back of the yards most of my childhood/preteen years. From my parents both being from the motherland Michoacán Mexico 🇲🇽 and coming to the 🇺🇸 United States for a better life. Sadly my dad got taken when I was 8 by ICE. At the time my mom was taking care of 6 of us (my brothers and sisters) we were in the struggle. We weren’t rich. Yet, what kept us going was my mom pride, work ethic, love and support. Yesterday I printed this picture the biggest I can get it to be in the living room of her house along side with my graphic design degree 📜 I never graduated high school due to gang violence. I never gave up tho.

(photo credit Delo Ent.)

The emotions coming from her is the reason why I keep pushing to become better and bigger. She was my investor of what I wanted to do. She did not like it tho but she wanted me to follow my dreams. Those $100 to get equipment turned into something bigger she never expected. Every memory I make with people I cherish. Carbondale is home base due to going to college there and being the first Latin event I’ve ever done when I was 17. Now being 23 I am doing huge numbers at @canopyclub meeting a new crowd. Making you walk into a room with music we love to hear but don’t have a representation to our Hispanic heritage. I love everyone support and knowledge everyone has given me. Alongside with my best friends @lostinthew0rld @officialswagking those guys are my brothers. When you keep a tight circle you know who really is there for you. Thank you everyone from @thehangar9 to @canopyclub let’s continue to break these numbers. Let’s show off the pride we work for. Ain’t nothing stronger than a Hispanics pride.

All of these events with DJ Zay are LIT 🔥 Check out the recap from last year: 

FREE PARKING can be found across the street in the Krannert Center parking garage just north of the club after 5pm. 


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