Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment Presents:

Chris Renzema

Manna Tour
wsg Jess Ray

Monday, November 06, 2023
Doors: 7pm | Show: 8pm
$17.50-20 ADV / $25 DOS
🍻 $2 Off All Draft Beers

Chris Renzema at The Canopy Club
Monday, November 6th, 2023
Special Guest Jess Ray
Manna Tour

7pm doors / 8pm show

Connection. It’s a word the world was forced to grapple with when we lost our ability to convene in 2020. How do we stay together when we have to be apart? What defines meaningful connection? And can we really find it screen to screen? With these questions swirling in his head, uncertainty hovered over Chris Renzema like an ominous cloud. Thanks to a canceled tour and a global pandemic, he had ample time to reflect, so the singer/songwriter did the thing that comes most naturally to him. He set words to melody. He soon realized, however, that there was a self-imposed obstacle standing between the isolation he felt and the empathy he desired to express. And it was in the tension of that moment that Get Out of the Way of Your Own Heart was born.

While Get Out of the Way of Your Own Heart doesn’t always provide painless resolution or black and white answers to gray areas, it does emphasize the fact that we never have to wrestle with life’s hardest questions alone. “Every single person walks into a room at a concert with all of this stuff, just baggage and garbage that they kind of hold over themselves personally,” Renzema acknowledges. “So there is something exciting about getting to tell people, ‘Hey, you don’t really have to hold onto this if you don’t want to.’ That ‘stronger love,’ that hope, is the thing that actually lets us extend grace to ourselves.”

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