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Jay Goldberg Events & Entertainment presents...

Heirship Farewell Festival

ft. Withershins, Mother Nature, Evil Tents, Hot Cops!, Grandkids, Terminus Victor, Motes, and Windmills.

December 15

6:00 pm

The Canopy Club: Canopy Small Hall

Tickets availabe from outlets for $8 / DOS $10

Doors 6pm, Show 6:30pm. 18+

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Heirship Records is a project whose intent and purpose is to document the sounds of Champaign-Urbana.  C-U has a wildly diverse, dynamic and prolific musical culture.  With musicians, journalist, fans, dancers, dreamers and freaks all brought together for the community-edifying and soul-saving sacrament that is music.  Live music happens every weekend in the 217; however, many bands spend months and even years crafting albums.  Heirship Records exists to support, facilitate, promote, produce and propagate these documents, these recordings, these records.

with performances from…


Grandkids have discovered a singular combination of indie, rock, jazz, and pop that makes one want to dance and cry—not necessarily at the same time. But the emotion is there. The groove is there. The musicianship from these longtime friends and collaborators is apparent in the execution of fine-penned songs. Noisy guitars, smooth cello lines, and insane beats and dynamics are all brought to life at will, as the four become Grandkids with each song, like a flower endlessly blooming. 2013’s Timeshare was voted the #1 Champaign album of the 10s by Smile Politely, and one spin through the vinyl and you’ll know they’re right.


Motes are a small, slow-moving musical ensemble from Urbana, IL. The trio features Elizabeth Majerus, formerly of Beezus (Mud RecordS); her husband Matt Mitchell, formerly of Rectangle (Stereoriffic Records); and the latter-day bassist from Rectangle, Matt Cohn—now on the drum kit. The group formed in 2011 and the following year self-released their debut, the “Feel the Summer’s Heat” EP. Their mixture of delicate dreampop and raucous shoegaze alt-rock has earned them attention and appreciation in Champaign-Urbana from fans of myriad scenes. Their focus is on positivity, justice, the groove, and the beauty of noise.


Mother Nature is an American hip hop force made up of Klevah, also known as Shasta Knox from Champaign, IL and T.R.U.T.H, also known as Tierney Reed born in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, IL. The two emcees came together as a duo in the fall of 2015 and in cooperation with Heirship Records will release their first project, Mother Nature EP in Spring 2016. Their high energy live shows elevate Urbana-Champaign’s hip hop credibility with music that slays the spectacular violence that produces (insert name) hashtags and slaughters slow death, the kind that often and specifically haunts Black women and girls. Mother Nature is a delivered promise. As the best of hip hop they mix advanced lyricism, progressive social commentary, and masterful production with abundant love for all people who want to be in the world with their full, free, and creative lives.


TERMINUS VICTOR was initiated in 2000 to create energetic rock music using a drum machine named ‘She’. Their music described as an “electro-rockomatic-neo-inferno” is captured on the band’s freshman and sophmore records MASTERING THE REVELS and UNDER SURVEILLANCE, created and released in 2002 and 2005 respectively. After two records, the machine and dual human crew felt it may be time to part ways, and pursue new germinations along the Terminus Victor viral strain. Opportunity arose soon after ‘She’ moved to Portland in 2006 when Terry Wathen tried out for the band. Now three members strong, talents and personalities align into a centrifugal serum of music creation, growth and expansion. Fans who loved the 100% performance energy level with ‘She’ measured a boost to 150% with the addition of Terry’s dynamic drumming. At the same time, politely retracting not to offend the work done with ‘She’. Terminus Victor has a contagious future infected with a strong base of current and new songs composed by vocalist/bassist Scott Kimble, and crafted into works of art by the band. Seven years after their last full-length, the band returned with PREVENTION VS INTERVENTION. Replete with aggression and passion, yet at times staid and stoic, these nine tracks act as a declaration of certainty of ambivalence. The voice comes over the PA, declarative yet desperately questioning.


Loud guitars and pop melody on a sincerity-seed bun. Windmills is a three-piece that plays noisy, psychedelic, rocking music. The band can sound bigger than itself, yet at moments the emotions are so delicate. Fontman N. M. Garcia’s melodies and lyrics are an astounding counterpoint to the sometimes overwhelming racket that the rockband behind them can sometimes muster. After self-releasing their debut, “Valuable Coupons Inside,” the band has relocated to Champaign and is currently writing and arranging their sophomore full-length due out summer/autumn 2015 on Heirship Records.


This band had the market cornered for lush, chill grooves. Frontman John Isberg really came into his own with this project, after delving into rocknroll with The Blackouts, synthpop with REDS, and a combination of the two in The Firebird Band with Braid’s Chris Broach. After existing as a duo for a while, Isaac Arms of Withershins joined on bass. For a special summer show, Chris Broach sat in with the band on lead guitars—an experience which led the band to enlist guitarist/producer Aron Stromberg. The trio had recorded an album at Boombox Studio with Caleb Means (New Ruins, Wicked Walls), and Stromberg both added shimmering lead guitars and a production value that can’t really be overstated. This collaboration came to be the first Heirship Records release.


Hot Cops! have since moved north from Champaign, but Jubilee stands as a testament to Champaign-Urbana moments and sounds. The four-piece wrote these songs in Champaign, played them in Urbana, recorded them in Tolono—their shriek and shine have C-U in their DNA. With the amazing drama and emotion from singer Nik Allen’s performance, and the tightness of the rhythm section and guitars, the punk and indie-tinged rock of Jubilee seems like it could have come from any time…but not anywhere. The midwest is best, even when you’re at your worst.


Withershins started in a garage. But listen for a minute and you’ll know it’s not “garage rock” by genre. Shoegaze, space rock, post rock, and posthardcore are the most common tags attributed to the band. The HUM, Braid, Shiner, and Bearvsshark influences are generally recognized as well. However, “withershins” literally means counter-clockwise – going in the opposite direction. Its figurative meaning is “doomed”—which is the credo or aesthetic of the band: everything’s fucked, but let’s get the most from what we’ve got. In one way this gives credence to the plethora of sounds and structures resurrected from the American and British underground of the 1990s; however, the name’s intent was more in the sense that in 2008 when the band began, guitar rock was out. It still kind of is. But, Withershins is a guitar band. There’s your genre, right there.

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