Yonder Mountain String Band Review

By Casey Epton


Yonder Mountain String Band put on yet another amazing show here at the Canopy Club Thursday night playing 2 full sets! If there is a band that knows how to get the crowd going, Yonder is it. Whether you looked to the front row or way up in the balcony, you saw people yelling, smiling and certainly showing off some of their spectacular dance moves. The crazed Yonder fans came ready to get loose, rowdy and wild!



One highlight of the night came when the magnificent opener, the Deadly Gentlemen, accompanied Yonder Mountain on stage for a few jams. This was no ordinary jam though. After impressive solos on the mandolins, banjo, and guitars came something I’ve never seen before. What started off as an unbelievable bass-off from two spectacular bassists, Sam Grisman (The Deadly Gentlemen) and Ben Kaufmann (YMSB), ended with an extremely unique duet between the two. They made me ask myself the question, why have one person play the bass when you could have two people play it? Yes, you heard me! Two people playing the same bass! Four hands, one bass! To say that the crowd was impressed is quite the understatement as an earthquake of enthusiasm exploded the venue afterwards.



Overall, the show was quite the success! Yonder Mountain String Band always delivers. The thrilling light show, the boisterous crowd, and the passion and enthusiasm of the band all contributed to the thrilling 3 hour show Yonder put on. If this doesn’t get you excited for Summer Camp Music Festival then I certainly don’t know what will!