Jonathan Richman Review

By Eleni Murphy


On February 27, 2013, The Canopy Club was proud to bring singer/guitarist, Jonathan Richman to its stage. The show accrued an easygoing crowd that perfectly completed Richman’s signature style.


Only accompanied by a guitar and a drummer, Richman’s sound is quite simple, but his quirky presence doesn’t leave the stage feeling empty. His voice is organic and raw, yet has a delicate tone. Richman’s songs have an almost childlike feel to them; his lyrics are eccentric and often times humorous. He adopts an unaffected persona onstage and often times stood to the side of the mic to interact with the crowd, keeping us engaged and wanting more.


His songs are not just reflective, but also telling and personal. The crowd wasn’t isolated or cornered into feeling like pure spectators; it was a mutually shared musical experience, not just a show. Jonathan Richman presented us with an intimate, idiosyncratic experience cloaked in mellow, ripened tunes that allowed the audience to easily adopt his blithe air.